Thursday, July 10, 2014


I finally got to my regular doctor today. He has rush  refered me to an allergist. I don't actually know how long I'll have to wait for that appointment now. Somewhere between 2 and 8 weeks. He gave me a prescription for a second epipen and told me that if I swell up like I did on Tuesday, I should jab myself and go to the hospital.  My co-worker really wants to be the one who gets to stab me. For science's sake. 

I'm trying to sort out triggers. Costco muffin - yes, sushi - yes, Starbucks latte and oat bar -no (thank god), Tuna sub from Subway- yes.  Homemade spaghetti - no. Coke Zero - no. Booster Juice Tropic-kale -no. 

I'm going to have to wash my hair tomorrow instead of just rinsing it which I am dreading but it's getting pretty gross in a bun all day now. 

We don't have any plans this weekend except tidying up the house and folding laundry.  I don't know how normal people keep on top of laundry. I'm pretty good with washing it all but I dispise folding it and putting it all away. It's terrible. I have about 8 tubs of clean laundry that we sort through each morning. 

Tuesday, July 08, 2014


I am under attack. My body is attacking me. I woke up on Friday morning with hives that started on my legs and spread all over my body by the time I had to go to work. Luckily with a bit of medicine I was good to go. 

Andrew, Diana and I went to see 22 Jump Street on Friday night. It was really funny. Better than the first one. We had debated trying to catch a double feature and see a second movie but by the end of the first one, my hives had come back and now my lip swelled up to double size.  It took a double dose of reactine to get everything under control. 

On Saturday morning, I was supposed to my friend Damion's wedding. I had hives and my face was swelling again but Di had said that unless my throat or tongue started swelling it wasn't an emergency, I should just go to a clinic to get some steroids. I thought I could put up with my suffering to watch the wedding, until halfway there I felt my esophagus start to tighten. So instead of turning right to head out to Abbottsford for the wedding, we took a quick left and went straight to Surrey Memorial Hospital.  I could still breath but I went almost straight in to acute care where they hooked me up to an IV.  I got a shot of adrenaline, a shot of Benadryl, a shot of steroids, and Zantac which Diana had told me to do the night before and the medical staff were most impressed because apparently only the severely allergic and doctors know to take the antacid with allergy pills. 

The medical cocktail knocked me out pretty good but three hours later, everything started happening again. Hives, swelling lips and eye lids. They had to give me another adrenaline shot because it was too soon for another dose of Benadryl.  

I have not been able to nail down what is triggering all of this.  I have had break outs in the morning before eating anything, changed clothes, sheets , been in completely different locations. Nothing is consistent except my reactions. 

From last night to about 10am this morning I was swollen and beyond itchy. It had become painful. Benedryll has completely stopped working. Reactine will some times calm it down.  I'm nervous to eat anything, wash my hair, wear anything but very lose cotton clothes which I'm scared to wash now too. So that's not going to last. 

Because of this stress, I have booked an extra 2 weeks of vacation off this summer. I will be paying for one as a leave of absence. I have also arranged to take off 4 days extra days at Xmas and a week at spring break, basically   How I've always wanted my schedule to be working in a school but never done it. 

I'm planning on doing a road trip in the first week in August. Not sure of the details yet, maybe to the Grand Canyon, Maybe just to Drumheller in AB, maybe the Black Hills in South Dakota. I'm definitely going to take Alice, just like I took Sacha at the same age.  Andrew wants to come and bring Sacha too but I'm not sure if he can get the time and it will make things more expensive. So nothing is set in stone yet. 

Wednesday, July 02, 2014


Last week would have been Sacha's last day of kindergarten, if we were currently in the middle of a teacher strike.  In reality, Sacha has been in all day day care since early June. They have been really great. Life savers really. We wanted to have a special evening for Sacha in recognition of just how far he has come since he started last September. So we had our babysitter come and watch Alice (they had a girls only party at home) and we took Sacha out to a fancy, grown up restaurant - Cactus Club - where he had a Shirley Temple (big treat) and grown up style chicken strips and fries (on a square plate).  We also got him an iTunes gift card so he could FINALLY buy minecraft. This was probably the highlight of Sacha's life.  He would play it 24/7 if we let him. 

He's not 100% reading yet, but he's close. His writing has improved drastically and he's really developed into quite the artist, even if he does get stuck on specific topics (ninjas, minecraft). 

I even made him wear a button up shirt for the fancy occasion.  He did not want to pose for pics though. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Berry Picking

This weekend was pretty busy. On Saturday morning we went to a family fun day showing of How to Train Your Dragon 2 put on by a group of realtors.  The kids are absolutely in love with Hiccup and Toothless and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Sacha had been showing me how both pairs of his runners can now have mouths, where the soles have come away from the tops. After the movie, we popped down to the outlets in Tullalip to get new shoes. They were having lots of good sales and we found some good bargains. Sacha's feet were a bit bigger than I thought. 

On Sunday, we drove out to Abbottsford and went Strawberry picking at Maan farms.   We had lots of fun and managed to pick almost 10lbs. I've been to some other u-pick patches before and they designate a specific row for each group to pick. Which makes for more productive picking but it's also more serious. I liked this farm because Sacha would find a strawberry 10 rows away and come running back claiming, "I found big red!!"  I don't think Alice would have done well with a specific area either. She had some confusion over the difference between unripe vs rotten. She knew not to pick the white ones and the mushy ones but any non-perfect berry was deemed rotten. 

All those strawberries cost only $16.00. I think that's a really good deal. Especially since they also had a fun little playground and a petting zoo. The pigs were the cutest. 

So 2 days into summer and we've crossed off two items from our summer bucket list ... Pick strawberries and go to a petting zoo. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Four Eyes

I have made it through hell week at work, finishing off with the graduation ceremony on Friday. Being independent, our school isn't affected by the strike. Just minorly, like when students have taken distance ed courses or now want to take summer school. 

The biggest news from the past two weeks is Sacha's new glasses.  We went back for a three month follow up and the Doctor said he is far sighted and would benefit from glasses.  Sacha was not happy. He begrudgingly tried on frames, the ones he liked best were way to big for him but we found a pair by sketchers that look good and fit him perfectly. 

I hadn't realized how strong his prescription was. I figured it would be like mine (+.75/+.50) that I wear at work when my eyes are feeling strained by the computer. Tina has referred to it as a baby prescription before.  Anyway, when I picked up Sacha's glasses, his prescription was +2.25/+1.75.  That's a real prescription!  

I'm not sure if Sacha is confusing life with a 1960s bugs bunny cartoon, but he was so set against glasses because he thought people would call him "4-eyes".  I don't even think that was still an insult when I was in school. 

Sacha's first words when he put on his glasses were, "Wow! Everything is so clear!"  Since that moment, he wears them without complaint.  He doesn't need them while running around and playing so he probably won't wear them too much over the summer but I'm hoping that it will help him with his reading, being able to actually see the letters now. 

Monday, June 09, 2014

Mess of Bedding

What have we been doing lately?  Not too much, just out an about.   Sacha had sports day last Friday and I was able to pop out and watch a bit of it on my lunch hour.  It was a beautiful day.  I only go to see him do one race- straight running – because they had done the wackier races in the morning.  The most difficult seems to have been a group skiing race.  Where 4 team members have to count and lift their legs at the same time, as we have gleaned from Sacha’s minimalist descriptions.  That race seems to have left the biggest impression on him anyway, as it is the only one we got a description of.  I also heard from our babysitter that there was crab soccer because the grade 7s designed the events and that was hers.

We are still under kitchen rehabilitation but the end is in sight.  Insurance agreed to pay for a portion of putting Oliver in the Kennel during the remaining renos because loose around the house; he had been peeing on everything!  I counted 9 pees inside in a 24 hour period, despite being let out 5 times in that same period.  I am not sure if he is senile or incontinent or just a little jerk.  Dog pee is getting really old.  So we have dropped him off at Doggie Camp so he can play with doggie friends for a week.

With his removal, I spent most of Saturday cleaning.  The kids and I went out to breakfast and then bought a bonanza of cleaning supplies.  Even though the kids and I spent the whole morning cleaning, the house still looks like a mini disaster but at least it smells less like urine. 

The kids also now have brand new beds.  Sacha has a bunk bed and Alice has a Queen size bed, both wanted the other’s bed but there is no way I am letting Alice have a bunk bed in her room.  She would fling herself off the top of it in the first week it would be in her room.  When her sense grows into her abilities, we can revisit who gets what bed.  

Sunday, June 01, 2014


By Veronica Roth

I had to double check my Good Reads account. I bought this book a year ago. I read about a third of it in one sitting and then didn't touch it until I saw the movie Divergent earlier this month and renewed my interest.  Even then, I would read in big chunks and put it down. I tried really hard to finish last weekend up at Bowen so I could keep it on the shelf up there but I got a pretty bad headache last Sunday and didn't get the last 30 or so pages finished into today. 

I can't say I loved this book. It was easy to put down, even when I was reading, it felt more like a chore. It wasn't a bad story, I just didn't care what was going to happen. I'll see the movie most likely but I'm not going to run out and get the third book of the series. Unlike the Hunger Games series, this one really felt like it is written for teens. I think that's why I lost interest.