Sunday, October 04, 2015

Adventures in Doggy Sitting

 We've been looking after Mum's dog, Charlie while she's in a trip in England. He's the easiest most laid back dog but I think it's been pretty eye opening that we really don't want a dog of our own any time soon. 

We realized that on at least three mornings this week that I would feed Charlie before going to work and then Sacha would feeding again before he went to school. So Charlie was getting three meals per day. Sacha has been really good about feeding Charlie. There's been a couple of meals that Sacha needed a reminder but he does all the portioning out. Andrew and Sacha take him for a walk every morning on the school drop off. 

We were up at Bowen this weekend with some friends and there was one point when we were finishing cleaning up lunch and couldn't remember the last time anyone has seen him. We looked around the house, we looked outside, the gate was closed but Sacha and his friend had been exploring outside the gate for a bit and couldn't remember whether Charlie had been with them. I thought that maybe Charlie had decided to go look for Mum. I got in the car with the boys and started to drive around looking for him but it was no luck. He was no where to be found.  I texted Margot to let her know what was going on and she asked if we had checked behind every door in the house. I had sent Sacha to the basement to look for him earlier, so I asked him if he had checked in the bedroom down there. Sacha's response: "there's a bedroom downstairs?!"  I got Andrew to double check and there he was, silently waiting to be let out. Phew! Crisis averted but it sure added a bit of excitement to our weekend. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Running Around

We've been so busy doing things that it almost feels like I've got nothing to say about any of them. Sacha had his root canal on Monday. It was very traumatic for him but both he and Alice have turned their teeth brushing into serious business every night (and some mornings when the mood strikes them). 

Sacha's school had a welcome back BBQ on Tuesday but I only got to meet his teacher briefly because I had to take Alice to Beavers. 

Sacha has started Fencing on Wednesdays. He loves it. The gym is in Richmond and is the biggest fencing gym in Canada.  They will learn to use three different swords, and I remember two of them are foils and epees. I think the last one is a sabre. They are all Olympic events and each one has different rules about how and where you can hit your opponent. This is Sacha with a foil. 

On Thursday, it was meet the teacher night at Alice's school. She is in an international baccalaureate primary years program.  So it was really interesting getting more detail about the whole program. It is such a cool way to be taught, blending big themes into all areas of learning. 

Each week at school, alice gets to bring in something to share with her class. It goes into a "guessing bag" and she has to stand up in front of her class and give three hints. Her share day is Friday and she brought in an Alice in Wonderland doll because it had to start with "A".  The goal is to bring in a "stumper"; something that the class knows but can't guess. I'm trying to convince her to bring in a boomerang next week. 

She also ran the Terry Fox Run on Friday and got 4 laps/points for her house. Sacha runs his on Wednesday. 

I didn't end up putting Alice in ballet this term. The next month is just as busy as this last week and she's been tired after class and daycare and all the unscheduled activities. Maybe after Christmas she can start up again but I think we have enough on our plate for now. 

Saturday, September 19, 2015


On Wednesday night, I was woken up to Sacha standing right in front of my face. He didn't tap me on the shoulder or say Mum or anything. Just waited until I felt his stare in the back of my head, which is only somewhat creepy, but anyway... He'd woken up with a sore tooth. So I had him brush his teeth again and I got the Tylenol and some floss. I figured it was something stuck between two teeth.  It was too sore for me to floss and when I looked it, it looked like one of his teeth might have chipped.  But he went back to bed and I started doubting that it was broken because he'd be in so much more pain. 

I sent him to school in the morning and went to work because he was feeling ok. By lunch, he had gone to the office because it was hurting again but said he didn't want to go home because he had library in the afternoon. I'd already booked a dentist appointment for the evening so there wasn't much more I could do for him if he didn't want to come home. 

We didn't go to our usual dentist, who is all the way in Vancouver. I've been going to him for 30 years and when he retires we will find a new dentist out here. He wasn't fresh out of dental school when I started going to him either so I think this shift will happen sooner than later.  The kids like the place we went, you get to watch tv with headphones while the dentist works. 

Anyway, we had an X-ray on the site tooth and it's a really bad cavity. So bad, that on Monday, Sacha is going back for a root canal. Ouch! It's on a baby tooth that he won't lose until he's 11 or 12, so they didn't want to just pull it. Apparent root canals on baby teeth aren't as bad as adult teeth because they are temporary but it's a pretty brutal first filling to get. 

We've been given instructions on flossing better (which include actually flossing) and to use mouth wash with fluoride everyday. 

The appointment is for 2:30 on Monday. Tooth-hurty. Haha. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Poor Me

When did everything get so expensive? I'm looking at all the bills I have to pay each month and it seems every single one of them has gone up significantly in the last year.  I have to call Telus because my TV and Internet has jumped to over 180 per month. That is ridiculous! Plus, I just ended a three year contract, it should have gone down since I'm no longer paying off the "gift" that locked me into three years of service. 

Add on top of that all the new school year start up fees, Sacha's school supplies, Alice needs a pair of runners that she just keeps at school, after school activities, etc. I've promised Alice she can take ballet but haven't paid that bill yet. School photos are coming up but I'm pretty good at photo shop, I might just try to remove the watermarks on the sample photos.  I've also said I won't spend more than $20 on Halloween costumes this year, so they better get creative or pick through the dress up box. 

Alice wants a puppy party for her birthday but i think it might just be cheaper/easier to go somewhere like go bananas with a few friends. But I love planning those parties and don't know if that's one of the things I want to give up. You can't give up everything, cause then what's the point. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Back to School

We officially have a grade two-er and a kindergartener in the house. Sacha's first day was Tuesday but he didn't get sorted  into his new class until Friday. He loves his new classroom and has asked me repeatedly this weekend when he gets to go back to school. He's so excited. 

Alice very woke up really sick with a cold on Tuesday morning.  Luckily her first day wasn't until Thursday and that was only an hour and a half. She was a bit clingy as we walked her into the school but I'm not sure how much of that was real nerves and how much of it was just feeling sick. Because once we made it to her classroom and shook her teacher's  hand, Alice couldn't care less if we were there or not. She got down to playing right away. 

"Can you just go now, please?"

I think she's going to do really well. 

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Apple Picking

I am currently in the middle of a Soup Stand Off and since it seems that neither Alice nor myself will be leaving the table any time soon, I thought I would update my blog. 

Yesterday, we took the kids to Willow View Farms and picked apples. We are pretty big on U-pick produce but this was our first go at apples and it was a lot of fun. If anything, they are too easy to pick because we came out with 26lbs of apples with very little effort. We had to stop ourselves from picking more and filling up our canvas grocery bags all the way to the top. We picked Honeycrisp for eating and Elstars for baking. Some of the Honeycrisps were huge!

The farm itself is fun. They have a petting zoo with goats, sheep, chickens and bunnies, a big playground and tons of face hole pictures. I don't know the name of those pictures were you stick your face through and become part of the picture. 

We got the kids apple cider slushies, which they were only lukewarm on but Sacha was desperate to try. My friend from work had taken her boys there earlier and said their caramel apples are excellent but we didn't try one this time. 

When we got home, I started finding as many recipes with apples in them as I could find. I ended up making an apple crisp which was very tasty and already finished off. We did let the kids have it as a special treat for breakfast, being Sacha's first day back at school today. Alice starts on Thursday and woke up with a bad cold. Thank goodness mum was able to come out and look ok after her for the day. Neither Andrew nor I were able to tar the day off today. 

The soup-off just ended!! Yay!! She took her one bite. It's broccoli and cheese soup and it's really good. I'm happy with one bite tonight. That only took an hour. 

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Goodbye Summer

We had a cool and crazy weekend. On Friday night, Alice and I met up with some friends that I've known since Kindergarten. Sacha stayed at home because it was all girls.  We had dinner at the Jericho Sailing Club and stayed until last call catching up. The little girls had fun playing on the beach, and only waded a little bit into the water. 

Amazing Sunset View. 

On Saturday, we woke up to a big wind storm. Our power went out around 10am, it was really weird having a huge storm during the day and during the summer.  We had plans to meet up with Tina and do one of those escape rooms but our power never came back on and we couldn't leave the kids with no power and a 14 year old babysitter.  So we hung out in candle light, like the olden days.  I had all the lanterns we used for camping out. I actually finished off two books be been reading. 

Sunday morning, we woke up, still with out power. So we figured it was best to get out of the house and take the kids to the PNE.  They have been begging us to go since last November. As we were just about to go, the power flicked on. Yay! 23 hours without power. We had to throw out most of the food in the fridge, but the freezer seemed to be fine. 

We still went to the PNE and spent the whole day there. The kids' favourite ride was the mini hellavator. They must have gone on that one 15 times. Not sure if Sacha would have gone on the real one, but it was closed so we will never know. We saw the Superdogs, ate mini donuts and had lots of fun. Hopefully, I'll be winning a house, car or fabulous vacation soon too. 

Mini Hellavator and Real Hellavator behind.